I'm New
Awesome! Let's get some stuff cleared up...

Whether it's the first time to a gym, library, stadium, or venue. There are always some questions that pop up the first time you go. For some reason, people seem to think there are some really odd things they need to know if they are new to a church. Is there really, no. But here are some top questions we think could be helpful.

  • What is it like?

Discussion format. We catch up on the week, talk about stuff that needs prayer, and update each other on how connecting with Jesus and serving others went during the week. We then spend about 10-15 minutes in musical worship, followed by a few minutes to talk about the 'why' behind the gathering. This is followed by looking at a passage from scripture and answer three questions: 1 - What do we learn about God? 2 - What do we learn about people? 3 - What is there to obey? Our time together is concluded by looking ahead to the week and setting goals for connecting, obeying, serving/sharing, trusting/training over the next seven days. Finally, someone commissions us out in a word of prayer.

  • What about my kids?

We have a great team of people that love kids and prepare lessons, crafts, and discussionos tailored just for them.

  • Where do I park?

Parking is open and available anywhere along the street.

  • What do I wear?


  • How can I get connected?

Fill out our wesite form or shoot an email to isaac@inlandhillsoc.com.